Conceiving a Boy: Ovulation Timing

During my research on “how to conceive a boy“, I found out that ovulation timing is one of the factors you’ll want to consider. It’s not the most crucial factor, but hey, every little bit helps, right? What “ovulation timing” means with respect to baby gender selection is timing when you have intercourse in relation to ovulation.

So, the question is should you have intercourse close the time the egg is release or a few days after? If you’re trying to conceive a son, try to have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible. The means as soon as you think your about to ovulate (You can usually tell a few days prior. See the tips below.), have intercourse. Then, at the latest, have it again when you’re fairly certain the egg has been released. [Read more…]

Chinese Calendar for Baby Boy (Updated for 2015)

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In this article I am going to describe you in detail the Chinese Calendar for baby boy or girl. The Chinese Calendar Method is a well known astrological method for human gender selection, dating from the China of 13th century. It is a simple and natural strategy of increasing the likelihood of getting pregnant with a baby of the gender you want. Because this website’s purpose is to present you the best techniques on how to conceive a boy, I decided to focus this post on the way this legendary Chinese method of sex selection can help you have a male child. If you’re looking for a complete guide, click here to download a PDF with all you need to know about getting pregnant with a boy.

This Article’s Contents

  • Essential Details about this ancient method
    • Purpose
    • Before Conception
    • Main Idea
    • Special Kind of Month and Age: Chinese Lunar
    • How It Works
  • CHINESE LUNAR temporal concepts
    • Lunar Year
    • Lunar Month
    • Lunar Age
  • Conception (Gender) CHART
    • The Table
      • CHINESE table
      • GREGORIAN translated table
    • Two Functions: Selection and Prediction
  • Exact USE (Steps to Follow)
    • Chinese table
    • Gregorian table

Essential Details about the Chinese Calendar for Baby Gender

Purpose of this Method

This ancient method’s purpose is to determine the time intervals during which a woman is more likely to get pregnant with a baby of a desired sex. In other words, in every moment of the determined intervals, that woman’s chances to conceive a child of the desired gender are bigger than her odds (at that moment) to conceive a baby of the unwanted gender, according to the Chinese calendar baby gender method.

Preconceptional Method

An essential aspect of this sex selection technique is that it is actually a preconceptional method, i.e. it helps controlling (more exactly, predetermining) the gender of a baby, prior to its conception, that is before the moment when that child’s mother gets pregnant with that baby. All the persons who would like to have a baby of a certain gender, either a boy or a girl (and, in particular, those interested in finding more details about the method called at times “Chinese Calendar for Gender of Baby”), must be aware of the fact that the fetal sex, which is the gender of a fetus (the way of designating a child that is still in his/her mother’s uterus, before being born), can’t be changed or influenced after the moment of conception. Therefore, there is only one period when you can affect the gender of your future baby, and that period is the period before the moment when you conceive (get pregnant with) that child. In fact, all the natural (and the majority of the high-tech) methods of sex selection are actually preconceptional techniques.

Main Idea of the Chinese Calendar for Baby Boy or Girl

The principal idea of this legendary method of preconceptional sex selection is that there are only two factors that determine the gender of a person, and these two factors are: the Chinese lunar age of the person’s mother at the moment of that person’s conception and the Chinese lunar month of conception (i.e. of the moment when that person will be or was conceived). The principal idea of the famous gender selection method known as the “Chinese Baby Calendar” is summarized in the scheme below: [Read more…]

How to Conceive a Boy

How to Conceive a BoyOne of the problems that bother many couples nowadays is to find a method for giving birth to a baby of a desired gender (for example, many couples ask themselves “how to conceive a boy naturally?”). The preference for a child of a certain sex may have personal, social, cultural or even medical reasons – such as protecting the child from inheriting a congenital sex-linked illness, like muscular dystrophy or hemophilia (which can be transmitted only to boys, if the mother carries the gene for this disease).

The sex of a future baby can be influenced only before conception (or postconception, but preimplantation) – by using preconception (or preimplantation) gender selection methods. All the gender selection methods fall into two main categories, described below.

NATURAL Tips on Conceiving a Boy

On one hand, there are the simple (“low-tech”) – and, at the same time, “at-home”, natural and free – methods for controlling the sex of a baby, among which the best known are: the timing methods, the diet methods and the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar Method.

Shettles Method

The timing techniques aim to influence the sex of the future baby by scheduling the sexual intercourse at certain times, depending on the ovulation (the egg release). The best known timing strategy (which is also the best known natural preconception sex selection method in the world) is the Shettles Method (discovered in the 1960s by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles). This method offers three essential tips for conceiving a boy naturally (tips that refer not only to the timing of the intercourse, but also to sexual position and the woman orgasm): have intercourse on the day the ovulation occurs or as close as possible (and avoid intercourse until two days before ovulation), use deep penetration and the woman must have orgasm.

Diet Method of Drs. Stolkowski and Lorrain

All the diet strategies for conceiving a baby of a chosen sex are derived from the dietary method discovered by Drs. Stolkowski and Lorrain, which states that, when trying to conceive a boy naturally, the women should eat foods rich in sodium and potassium, and poor in calcium and magnesium (so the women must eat salted foods and avoid dairy products).

Chinese Gender Calendar Method

The Chinese Gender Calendar strategy (for conceiving an offspring of a desired gender) is based on a mistical calendar from antiquity and it states that a child’s sex is determined by his mother’s age (at the moment of conception) and the month in which that child is conceived. So, the couples wondering “how to conceive a baby boy?” must determine – using the “chinese birth chart” and the woman’s age – the month in which a boy can be conceived by that woman. [Read more…]

How to Conceive a Girl

How to Conceive a GirlAlthough initially I created this blog to share my tips on how to increase the chances of conceiving a boy, I decided to write something about conceiving a girl also, because, during my research, I found quite some tips on this also.

Ancient Theories about Gender Selection

Nowadays, many couples try to find out how to conceive a girl. But the interest in setting the gender of a descendant has been manifested since antiquity. Famous sages described different theories about the way human or animal sex is determined. Ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle, Democritus, Empedocles, Anaxagoras, Parmenides and Hippo claimed that the gender of human offsprings is determined by factors like: temperature, right and left body parts, sperm’s consistency, the dominance of different parts of the body. All these ancient gender selection techniques have never been demonstrated to be effective.

Best Known Ways to Conceive a Girl

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, numerous scientists and researchers have invested dozens of years in studying gender determination and they have discovered a couple of interesting methods for human sex selection. These methods are well-known by the great majority of the persons aiming for a baby of a particular gender.

When they are classified according to the type of means used, the gender selection strategies fall into two main categories: the natural techniques and the artificial ones. All the persons that are interested in planning the sex of their future children (including the women who would like to know how to conceive a baby girl) must know that there is also another classification of the sex selection methods, which is given by the relation with the moment of conception – according to this criterion, the human gender selection methods can be preconception or postconception methods.

The preconception methods (also known as prefertilization methods) are those that are used before conception, while the postconception (postfertilization) ones are those that are used after the moment of conception (fertilization), but before the moment of implanting the fertilized egg or the embryo into the woman’s body. The women trying to conceive a girl must know that all the natural techniques for gender selection are actually preconception methods. [Read more…]

Diet to Conceive a Boy

In this article I am going to describe the “Diet Method” – a natural method which, if it is used correctly, it should increase you chances to give birth to a male child. This simple technique of gender selection shows you which is the diet to conceive a boy. Before going into details about it, I must tell you that this dietary method is not only a natural, i.e. chemical-free, technique, but also a very simple one, which can be used everywhere, even at home, and it doesn’t require any assistance form a healthcare worker, except for a consultation of a nutritionist (before beginning this diet).

Things to Know about the Diet for Conceiving Boy

The dietary method is almost free, which means that all you have to pay is just the price of the book that explains this natural sex selection strategy in detail and, maybe, the price for the advice that you may receive from a physician or nutritionist. Before starting to follow the diet for conceiving a boy, you should be aware of the fact that this strategy can’t guarantee you neither the fact that you will get pregnant, nor the fact that, in the situation of becoming pregnant, the baby’s gender is the desired one, i.e. male. [Read more…]