How to Conceive a Girl

How to Conceive a GirlAlthough initially I created this blog to share my tips on how to increase the chances of conceiving a boy, I decided to write something about conceiving a girl also, because, during my research, I found quite some tips on this also.

Ancient Theories about Gender Selection

Nowadays, many couples try to find out how to conceive a girl. But the interest in setting the gender of a descendant has been manifested since antiquity. Famous sages described different theories about the way human or animal sex is determined. Ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle, Democritus, Empedocles, Anaxagoras, Parmenides and Hippo claimed that the gender of human offsprings is determined by factors like: temperature, right and left body parts, sperm’s consistency, the dominance of different parts of the body. All these ancient gender selection techniques have never been demonstrated to be effective.

Best Known Ways to Conceive a Girl

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, numerous scientists and researchers have invested dozens of years in studying gender determination and they have discovered a couple of interesting methods for human sex selection. These methods are well-known by the great majority of the persons aiming for a baby of a particular gender.

When they are classified according to the type of means used, the gender selection strategies fall into two main categories: the natural techniques and the artificial ones. All the persons that are interested in planning the sex of their future children (including the women who would like to know how to conceive a baby girl) must know that there is also another classification of the sex selection methods, which is given by the relation with the moment of conception – according to this criterion, the human gender selection methods can be preconception or postconception methods.

The preconception methods (also known as prefertilization methods) are those that are used before conception, while the postconception (postfertilization) ones are those that are used after the moment of conception (fertilization), but before the moment of implanting the fertilized egg or the embryo into the woman’s body. The women trying to conceive a girl must know that all the natural techniques for gender selection are actually preconception methods.

Natural Methods for Gender Selection

The first category of methods for giving birth to a baby of a chosen gender is composed of the simplest strategies for sex selection. The methods in this category are called “natural” because they can be used without any artificial means. The most important natural techniques for controlling  the sex of an offspring are: Diet Method, Shettles Method and Chinese Gender Calendar Method.

Diet Method

One of the best known tips for achieving a desired sex for a descendant is a pre-pregnancy dietary method, that teaches the women aiming for a female offspring what to eat to conceive a girl: foods rich in calcium and magnesium, and poor in sodium and potassium. This means that they must eat a lot of dairy products and avoid the salted foods. The future mothers must follow this “girl diet” only before the moment of conception and until they become pregnant.

Shettles Method

The Shettles strategy increases the chances of having a baby of a desired gender by scheduling the intercourse depending on the ovulation time. But this method specifies not only the recommended period for sexual intercourse, but also the sexual position and whether the woman should have orgasm or not. More precisely, the women wondering “how to conceive a girl naturally?” should: have sex 2½ to 3 days before ovulation, use shallow penetration and avoid having orgasm.

Chinese Conception Calendar Method

This is an ancient astrological technique that is traditionally used in China to determine, using a gender chart, the period (or periods) in which a child of a chosen sex has the biggest chances to be born, taking into account the Chinese lunar month of his or her conception and the mother’s Chinese lunar age at the moment of conception. So this legendary method tells to a couple interested in having a female descendant when to conceive a girl.

Artificial Methods for Gender Selection

The second category of techniques for giving birth to a baby of a particular sex is represented by the artificial sex selection methods, which, unlike the natural ones, are very complex and, as their name implies, these strategies use a lot of artificial means, very high technology and some of the latest discoveries in medicine, biology, genetics. As a result, these artificial methods need special assistance and they can’t be used at home. The most important and the best known artificial techniques for planning an offspring of a desired gender are the following three: PGD (with IVF), MicroSort (with IUI or IVF) and Ericsson Method. Every person who wants to find out how to conceive a girl should understand how these “high-tech” methods work.

PGD (with IVF) Method

PGD, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, is an artificial technique that guarantees (with an amazing success rate of 100 %) to a couple the conception of a child of a chosen gender, by selecting the couple’s embryos (created with IVF – In Vitro Fertilization) that are of the desired sex and by implanting them back in the mother’s uterus. More precisely, the gender selection method PGD with IVF works as follows: first of all, the doctors collect multiple eggs from the future mother (usually after using ovarian stimulation) and sperm samples from the future father. In a laboratory, using IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), the eggs are fertilized by the sperm. Then, when the resulted embryos develop to 6-8 cells, the PGD technique analyzes the embryos to see if they have any genetic defects and to find out the gender of each of them. Afterwards, in the case of the couples trying to conceive a girl, the method selects the healthiest female embryos and implants them in woman’s womb, using artificial insemination.

MicroSort (with IUI or IVF) Method

MicroSort is a prefertilization and sperm sorting technique, which increases the likelihood of conceiving a descendant of a chosen gender, by selecting an enriched sperm population from the man’s sperm and introducing it (using a technique for artificial insemination, like IUI or IVF) into the woman’s uterus, for fertilization. Here are the steps of this artificial gender selection method. First of all, a sperm sample collected from the man is separated into two sperm subpopulations: one that is X-enriched (it contains mostly the “female sperm”, which carries an X chromosome – the one necessary for conceiving a baby girl) and one sperm subpopulation that is Y-enriched – it contains high levels of “male sperm” (which contains the chromosome needed for having a boy, the Y chromosome), but it may contain also a few female sperm. After this separation is completed, the MicroSort method selects the desired enriched sperm population and inserts it in the woman’s uterus or vagina, for fertilization. This insertion is realised using an artificial insemination technique – usually, the IUI, Intra-Uterine Insemination. When the future parents have fertility problems, it’s necessary to use IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) to fertilize the the woman’s eggs, outside her body, by the sperm population selected with MicroSort method. The best embryos obtained with IVF are introduced into the woman’s womb.

Ericsson Method to conceive a baby girl

The chances of having an female offspring can also be increased with the prefertilization sex selection technique discovered by Dr. Ronald J. Ericsson, which selects an X-enriched sperm sample from the future father and artificially inseminates it into the future mother’s uterus, for fertilization. The Ericsson Method obtains the X-enriched sperm sample as following: the sperm sample collected from the man is introduced into a column with human serum albumin. The two kinds of sperm, the female sperm and the male sperm, will move according to their mass and will create two separate layers: one that contains higher, but not pure, concentrations of female sperm, and another one containing mostly male sperm, but which may also contain a very small percentage of female sperm. Afterwards, the Ericsson Method selects the concentrated female sperm.

Comparison between Natural and Artificial Methods

When searching the tips for conceiving a girl, the couples prefer the natural strategies for their three great advantages. First and foremost, all the natural gender selection techniques are free, the future parents don’t have to pay anything for using them, except for the price of the needed books or other resources, which is insignificant in comparison with the huge price of the sophisticated artificial sex selection methods.

Second, unlike the artificial techniques, the natural ones are very simple and, as I said previously in this article, because no special equipment or assistance are required, these natural strategies can be practiced by anyone, at home.

The third reason for which the natural methods are almost always preferred to the artificial ones (inclusively by the couples trying to figure out how to conceive a girl) is that they are very comfortable and discreet, unlike the embarrassing techniques of artificial insemination used by the high-tech sex selection methods.

However, the artificial gender selection strategies have an essential advantage over the simple strategies: they are clinically proven and, therefore, the artificial methods are the only ones recommended by the scientists.

Besides the scientific proof, the artificial gender selection techniques have another important edge on the natural methods: their have a a higher accuracy. Moreover, the PGD (with IVF) method is the sole known sex selection method with a 100% success rate, if followed correctly and without any technical errors. That’s the reason why the PGD (with IVF) Method is considered the most reliable gender selection technique. So, the best way to conceive a girl is by using PGD with IVF.

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